General facts

Malta is commonly known as a country that attracts businessmen from all over the world. The main benefits of Malta are a favorable regulatory framework, a clear taxation system with a well-known refund system and possibilities of doing business on a global scale.

Moreover, the country provides various opportunities for an individual approach, commercial activity and investment structuring, which means You will be able to create Your own business structure, which will fully meet Your needs and requirements.

Malta is a safe place with a stable economy. The process of integration is far from complicated as English is one of the official languages of Malta and is commonly used by legal and financial authorities. There is no need to translate any corporate documents to the Maltese language, and there are English versions of all Maltese legal acts.

The process of relocation or establishing business in Malta is straightforward and reasonable in terms of costs. Other fundumental advantages include friendly business environment and a good recognition of Maltese companies within the European Union market, owing to widely respected law compliant with the EU Directives and a long list of agreements on avoidance of double taxation cocluded with numerous countries.

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