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Findesti Limited is a Maltese limited liability company incorporated for an indefinite period of time in Malta. The registered office of Findesti Limited is 99, Sir Adrian Dindli Street, SLM 1905 Sliema, Malta. Findesti Limited is registered with the Registry of Companies of Malta under number C 79491. Information The information published on the Site, regardless of whether it is of a general nature (such as market information) or of a specific nature (such as investment products), is given purely as a guide. The information is published without any undertaking as to its being exhaustive, accurate or up to date. It does not under any circumstances constitute an offer or solicitation to buy or sell. It does not in any way represent legal, accounting or tax advice and is only valid at the time at which it is provided. It is not intended to substitute for the user’s knowledge and skills and must accordingly be used in conjunction with the advice of a qualified professional. It is pointed out that past performances do not in any way guarantee future performances. Some information may be furnished by external service providers. Except in the event of fraud or gross negligence, Findesti Limited cannot be held liable towards the user of the said information and the direct or indirect consequences of same.

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