Relocating to Malta

Malta is an attractive destination point for those seeking a tax-efficient jurisdiction. Notwithstanding the fact that the process of obtaining residency in Malta is not complex, it may still be time-consuming, that’s why Findesti helps its Clients to smoothly transfer their business operations and residency to Malta in order to enjoy the regulatory system applicable to Maltese residents without delay. Our services release the Clients from paperwork related to registration in Malta, and include further on-going support. Our Team of Advisors prepares Memorandum and Articles of Association choosing the most appropriate legal form in accordance with individual expectations and the best interest of each Client.

Set-up services

Our Team of Advisors prepares Memorandum and Articles of Association choosing the most appropriate legal form in accordance with individual expectations and the best interest of each Client. Once the Memo and Articles are executed Findesti ensures a proper and prompt registration of an entity with the Registry of Companies. Each company is then provided with the business office, a Secretary, and other services as requested by the Maltese law. Moreover, our Clients have a possibility of appointment a Findesti representative as a Director of their entities.

Back Office and Secretarial Services

Each Maltese company is obliged to have a registered office in Malta, where its busines activity is being run and the meetings of management are held. Findesti provides the Clients with all required support in these matters under its address, keeps the corporate documents always available for review, and manages the inflow and outflow of correspondence and any other communications addressed to the Clients.


It is required by law that each Maltese company had a Secretary, who can only be a natural person and must be appointed at the incorporation of a company. The Secretary’s role is purely administrative and includes such tasks as calling ordinary and extraordinary general meetings of shareholders and Board Of Directors meetings, drawing up the minutes of such meetings, proxies, attendance lists, making statutory public legal announcements, keeping and storing company’s files, conducting Shareholders / Partners registers and submitting forms and documents with the Registry of Companies and Malta Financial Services Authority. Findesti provides its Clients with a Secretary who takes over such duties and moreover assists with any other administrative tasks required by the Client.

Compliance and corporate governance services

Effective administration and corporate governance allows companies to grow and develop. Our Company gives advice on organizational set-up of entities, daily organization and corporate governance of Maltese entites in order to ensure the regulatory compliance and the highest level of effectiveness. We can as well guarantee that our Clients always adhere to changing market conditions and local / EU legal regulations. We are ready to share responsibility with our Clients by providing their companies with a local Directors or employees, who will co-act as a company representatives when dealing with third parties.

Opening and maitanance of bank accounts

Opening of a bank account for a legal or a natural person is preceded by a KYC / AML procedure accoring to the EU regulations. We assist our Clients with establishment of a bank account with any Maltese bank in any currency, including filling necessary applications and FATCA / CRS forms, collecting KYC / AML documents, organizing meetings with the bank if necessary. Our services also include further assistance such as communication between the bank and the Client, providing the bank with requested documents and explanations on transactions, informing the bank about possible changes in structure.


Findesti provides comprehensive accounting services, which include: on-going bookkeeping and recording of transactions, preparation of annual financial statements and interim financial statements according to the rules established by the law of Malta and by common practice, drawing up corporate documents required for the approval of annual financial statements, preparation of tax returns and declarations, audit assistance, filiing of necessary forms and documents with the MFSA, and any other ad hoc accounting assistance requested by the Client.

Audit asistance

Disregarding their size and form, all commercial companies are subject to statutory audit in Malta, which is usually performed at the end of each financial year. Audit services are provided by partner entities, while our job encompasses everything from the review of annual financial statements, coordination of audit process and full audit assistance, to submission of the auditor's report to the Inland Revenue Department and the Registry of Companies.

Tax advisory services

The Team of Advisors helps to find effective and comprehensive tax solutions for persons, who seek relocation of tax residency as well as for businessmen who intend to conduct commercial or holding activity in Malta. We support them with creation and maintenance of Maltese entities and their restructuring, implementation of developed solutions, identification of tax risks, etc. Our international experience allows us not only to introduce Maltese elements into existing global structures but also to create individual tailor-made solutions for smaller businesses.

Tax compliance services

Tax compliance is closely linked to tax advisory services, which helps our Clients to choose the most efficient way of taxation in accordance with the Maltese laws. During the exercise of these services we draw up and file tax returns based on accounting records, provide our Clients with calculations of PIT, CIT, VAT, WHT, assist with tax payer registration and communication with tax authorities.

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